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Husband turns his cheating wife’s birthday into genius revenge, and she’ll never forget it. Not everyone can restrain themselves from taking revenge and not everyone deserves to avoid it.


A good friend of mine has about 4 years ago inherited the house of his grandparents. He decided to live there for the time being till he has decided what to do with the house. He grew up in it, so he did not really want to sell it.

Not even a week after he moved in, he got a visit from a neighborhood committee. They said they are the 3 board members of the HOA , and are here so he can sign his membership papers. They where extremely nosy and rude, for example one tried to get into the garage without so much as asking. When he stopped him and asked him where he wanted to go, he had the audacity to say:“I need to check your garage, if everything there is in order. I have a right to do this byweekly, and denying me access is a an offense that will cost a fine.”

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