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Last week, I uploaded this neutral bronzed smokey eye that I paired with a dewy body glow to enhance the décolletage for a sultry finish.

When you play-up the eyes, it’s advisable to keep the skin fresh and less full-on. You want to look effortless, however, everything is down to personal preference and here I’ve amped up the highlight whereas usually I am one to shy away from shine! I think it works well here but take what you like from it and create your own.


NEW! Huda has released 3 Nude additions to the Obsessions family; Light, Medium and Rich. A trio of mini eyeshadows, each containing 9 shades in a mix of finishes; matte, metallic and shimmer. All three palettes are suited to all skin tones, how you choose depends on which hues you prefer!

Light – creamy praline hues in both warm and cool tones.

Medium – a rich mix of spicy tones combining chestnuts and deep browns.

Rich – milky and dark chocolate browns, crimson red, dusty rose and sandy fawn with pink undertones.

Each palette is £27/$29!

I’ve created a warm, sparkly smokey eye with a Rosy Gold vibe that is PERFECT for the festive season! I used a mix of all three palettes so you could see each of them in action:


If you need a last minute Halloween costume, look no further! Grab yourself some bandages, a cheap greasepaint kit from the Halloween section of a superstore, some food colouring for the teeth and some eyelash glue to create the infected parts!

This easy Mummy makeup transformation is suitable for ALL ages! How gruesome you go is entirely up to you… 🎃


Who was a fan of The Lost Boys?!

My tutorial, inspired by the 80’s cult classic vampires, is now live over on my YouTube channel.

Also, if you fancy yourself a detachable mullet as seen here on Billy, you can watch me butcher the life out of a £10 eBay wig to create one!Follow along and you too could be the proud owner of a mullet this Halloween (or Christmas, depending on how much you like it 🤣)

Watch the tutorial here:


Here is my version of The Joker from The Dark Knight played by the late Heath Ledger!

If you can find an amazing wig then this makeup shouldn’t take you more than 1 hour! If, however, like me you cant find an authentic wig you can make your own like I did in this tutorial. It is time consuming but it does look AMAZING!

Again, I have applied gelatine pieces as these are super easy to use and blend, you don’t need to be a pro to work with them.

Watch me transform my model into The Joker here:


This weeks Halloween makeup transformation is Frankenstein’s monster!

I have created a bunch of Halloween classic characters this year, Frank being the most iconic! I used minimal prosthetics to achieve this look if you want to see the ‘how-to’ here!

Shonagh x


I thought you might find it interesting to follow my Laser Hair Removal journey with the Pulse Light Clinic since I receive SO many questions whenever I post about it over on my Instagram account.

If you suffer from unwanted dark hair, coarse hair, ingrowing hairs, razor rash or post-shaving bumps then laser hair removal will change your life! No more full leg or intimate waxing required before holiday girls, and guys you can also have laser hair removal anywhere on your body, too!
There’s absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed about having the treatment done, after all, the technicians have seen it all before and do this day-in and day-out, so feel completely comfortable knowing that you’re not alone.
If you’re intrigued to hear about the pain aspect, the process, and how many sessions it takes to become hair-free then simply watch my video.
I take you along to two of my sessions at the clinic and show you how I’ve been getting on as well as answering all of your questions about the treatment. 

FYI – The treatment is much more affordable than you may think, but there is also the option to spread the cost should you wish. The Pulse Light Clinic offer a 0% finance option over a 12 month period for payments over £450.

  • For example; a package like Lower Legs, Bikini Brazilian & Underarms is only £60.72 per month, plus you get 20% off with my discount code which I think you’ll agree is very affordable to become completely hair free!
    It’s a bit like paying as you go since you only laser every 6 weeks so it’ll take you roughly 12 months to complete your lasering which is the same amount of time it would take to pay off the finance.
    Disclaimer – I wouldn’t encourage anyone to take out finance unless you are able to comfortably afford the repayments, I’m simply giving you all the information.

If you would like to book in for a free consultation or book a package of laser hair removal, you can do so by clicking ‘here’! Don’t forget to use my discount code ShonaghScott20 for 20% off packages. 

Shonagh x


If you’re not a fan of using heat & tools on your locks then this is the tutorial for you! Whether you have thin, limp hair or wild and unruly curls that need taming, this style is for everyone! It lifts and creates volume in fine hair, while helping to tame and smooth the cuticle in thick coarse hair.

This simple to achieve hairstyle is my go-to on holidays (and at home now it’s Summer here in the UK) I wear it braided throughout the daytime to keep the hair off my face and in the evening I take it out and wear it big and curly!


A couple of weeks ago I uploaded a photo of my beachy waves on my Instagram account and was inundated with requests for the ‘how-to’. 

It’s so simple and can be completely heat-less if you forgo using the hairdryer and opt for airdrying instead. To see how to achieve these gorgeous, voluminous waves overnight, watch the video!

Shonagh x


Here is an easy but effective makeup look, suitable for any special occasion!
You can adapt this look by leaving out the glitter for an all-matte smokey eye.

What’s your favourite, warm or cool toned eyeshadow looks?

Shonagh x