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Last week, I uploaded this neutral bronzed smokey eye that I paired with a dewy body glow to enhance the décolletage for a sultry finish.

When you play-up the eyes, it’s advisable to keep the skin fresh and less full-on. You want to look effortless, however, everything is down to personal preference and here I’ve amped up the highlight whereas usually I am one to shy away from shine! I think it works well here but take what you like from it and create your own.


NEW! Huda has released 3 Nude additions to the Obsessions family; Light, Medium and Rich. A trio of mini eyeshadows, each containing 9 shades in a mix of finishes; matte, metallic and shimmer. All three palettes are suited to all skin tones, how you choose depends on which hues you prefer!

Light – creamy praline hues in both warm and cool tones.

Medium – a rich mix of spicy tones combining chestnuts and deep browns.

Rich – milky and dark chocolate browns, crimson red, dusty rose and sandy fawn with pink undertones.

Each palette is £27/$29!

I’ve created a warm, sparkly smokey eye with a Rosy Gold vibe that is PERFECT for the festive season! I used a mix of all three palettes so you could see each of them in action:


If you need a last minute Halloween costume, look no further! Grab yourself some bandages, a cheap greasepaint kit from the Halloween section of a superstore, some food colouring for the teeth and some eyelash glue to create the infected parts!

This easy Mummy makeup transformation is suitable for ALL ages! How gruesome you go is entirely up to you… 🎃


Who was a fan of The Lost Boys?!

My tutorial, inspired by the 80’s cult classic vampires, is now live over on my YouTube channel.

Also, if you fancy yourself a detachable mullet as seen here on Billy, you can watch me butcher the life out of a £10 eBay wig to create one!Follow along and you too could be the proud owner of a mullet this Halloween (or Christmas, depending on how much you like it 🤣)

Watch the tutorial here:


Here is my version of The Joker from The Dark Knight played by the late Heath Ledger!

If you can find an amazing wig then this makeup shouldn’t take you more than 1 hour! If, however, like me you cant find an authentic wig you can make your own like I did in this tutorial. It is time consuming but it does look AMAZING!

Again, I have applied gelatine pieces as these are super easy to use and blend, you don’t need to be a pro to work with them.

Watch me transform my model into The Joker here:


Here is an easy but effective makeup look, suitable for any special occasion!
You can adapt this look by leaving out the glitter for an all-matte smokey eye.

What’s your favourite, warm or cool toned eyeshadow looks?

Shonagh x


I’ve always been a massive fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s work, even before the brand. As a fellow working professional I’ve admired her skills for most of my 15-year career and once the brand materialised I was hooked!
The packaging exudes ‘Luxury’ and encompasses Charlotte in every way, you can see she has put every ounce of her knowledge and experience into producing the very best of the best!

When it comes to application, makeup is only as good as the skin it sits upon and Charlotte knows this all too well so naturally, she has produced one of the most incredible and dreamy moisturisers, focusing on active ingredients to plump & hydrate the skin ready for makeup application!
Her Magic Cream is a staple in many professional kits worldwide and also adored by avid lovers of the brand. 


This award-winning luxury moisturiser contains a combination of 8 oils and actives:

  • Hyaluronic Acid for intense hydration, drawing in moisture from the air and locking it in place.
  • Vitamin C helps brighten and even the complexion, Vitamin E transforms dull and lacklustre skin.
  • BioNymph Peptide Complex helps stimulate collagen, fight free radicals and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 
  • Rosehip Oil, Camellia Oil, Aloe Vera, Frangipani Extract and Shea Butter have also added for moisture, glow, plumping and nourishment.

I use this luxurious moisturiser on ALL of my clients prior to any other makeup prep/products. Using my fingers, I work this over the entire face and allow it to sink in for a short while before makeup application. You can see how it really does plump the skin; pores are less defined, dry skin is softened and there’s a beautiful glow to the face, all of which makes for a great base!

Magic Cream is available in 3 sizes and comes with a bit of price tag;
30ml £49/$64 (ideal for travel) 
50ml £70/$100
150ml £180/$255

Applying a liquid highlighter underneath foundation is the best way to achieve that glow-from-within appearance to your skin. Charlotte recently launched her Hollywood Flawless Filter which does exactly that! It is a complexion booster, designed to give you a mega-watt glow whilst priming your skin ready for foundation/concealer. This liquid highlighter can be worn alone, underneath your foundation or mixed with your foundation for added dewiness. It contains a blend of ingredients to help achieve a soft-focus feel, creating smoother looking luminous skin that diminishes that appearance of fine lines and pores. 


There are 7 shades available in the Hollywood Flawless Filter, ranging from Fair to Dark. The majority of the shades have a neutral undertone with a hint of either Peach, Beige, Golden or Warm. There is something for everyone!

I have two shades which I’ve swatched above for you; 

  • 1 Fair – Neutral beige complexion booster for very fair skin
  • 4 Medium – Neutral golden yellow complexion booster for medium skin tones

One of the key ingredients within this formula is a Glossy Oil; a lightweight moisturising oil that reflects and adds light to your face where you need it.
It looks particularly great under studio lighting when used for editorial purposes, personally, I’m less of a fan of it for everyday use on my own skin because I’m oily. If, however, you have drier skin and the texture is very smooth you can achieve the most beautiful finish! This product used over a bare, well-moisturised face can give you that sought after glass-like skin!
If you do suffer from excessive oil, use this only on the high points of the face.
Going back to ‘texture’, if you have raised bumps or an uneven complexion, applying any product that has light reflecting particles will enhance that texture. So bear that in mind before going all-in. 

Hollywood Flawless Filter 30ml  – £30/$45

After applying your Magic Cream AND your Hollywood Flawless Filter you should be looking pretty radiant! BUT… sometimes you can find after applying your foundation you look a little flat. Now, I’m referring to the contours of your face rather than the glow, or lack of. Foundation and concealer tend to knock back the shadows as they even out your complexion, which is great when it comes to dark circles but not when it comes to your cheekbones! So we need to redefine these areas by adding back some colour, only this time where we want it.
You can use cool toned products to contour as these mimic shadows, however, we’re slowly but surely coming away from the heavy contouring we’ve known for the past 5 years and are embracing a fresh new approach! Cream sticks are a fantastic way to add a wash of colour to the skin without mattifying it or making it look heavy.
Charlotte Tilbury has created 4 colour-saturated pigments for an irresistible summer glow, known as Beach Sticks, aka blush sticks.
They are super easy to use as they come in a stick-form which can be applied directly from the bullet and simply blended in with your fingertips!

I have three of the four shades available:

  • Moon Beach – a luminous, rose-gold iridescent peach shade, the ideal colour to give your skin that radiant ‘golden-goddess’ glow!
  • Formentera – a sun-kissed berry colour, perfect for creating a healthy, glowing complexion that looks like you’ve spent the week on a beach. 
  • Ibiza – a burnished bronze shade, a great way to create dimension to the face by warming up the skin and sculpting the cheekbones.

Ceramidone is a key ingredient within the Beach Sticks which acts like a poly-filler to plump up & refill the skin. What makes this consistency unique are the high melting point waxes that hydrate the skin creating a dewy & supple finish, while light-diffusing spheres soft-focus imperfections & bring radiance to your face. This paired with the glowing, colour-saturated pigments makes for a beautiful all-in-one face stick!

Each Beach Stick is filled with 6.5g of product at a retail value of £30/$45 each.

An exciting launch from Charlotte Tilbury is the return of her best-selling Pillow Talk eyeshadow palette, an extension to her ever-growing Luxury Palettes and an accompaniment to her existing (and very popular) Pillow Talk look

This is your ‘everyday’ eyeshadow palette that will enable you to create subtle but stunning, romantic and feminine eye looks. 
The quad consists of 4 shades; 2 matte finishes and 2 satin shimmers. 

  • Champagne Pink
  • Matte Dusky Rose
  • Soft Matte Brown
  • Rose Gold Sparkle

These are universally-flattering shades designed to enhance all eye colours! The warmer tones will really bring out Blues & Greens, and will really complement Browns and Hazels. 

This is a great colour palette for everyone but particularly ideal if you’re not super confident with pairing eyeshadows. It’s colour coded so that you can pair any of these 4 shades together and it’ll work as they’re subtle in tone. You can opt for a barely-there look, or, you can create a warm brown smoke layered with shimmer on the centre of the lid or inner corner of the eye for that something extra special. This would be a beautiful bridal palette, especially if you pulled the entire look together with the Pillow Talk blusher, lip liner & lipstick

This eyeshadow palette retails at £39/$53, and the Pillow Talk Look which includes the entire 4 piece range is £107/$145.

Shonagh x


Last week I created this vibrant Blue eyeshadow look with a pop of pink in the centre for a pretty wet-look highlight. I used a mix of pressed shadows and loose pigments – click here for the tutorial.

Complementary Colours
Notice how the Blue really enhances the Brown shade of my eyes? It makes them appear more vibrant and vivid. 
Are you familiar with which colours enhance YOUR eye colour?
Check out the colour wheel below to see which shades work best with your iris.

For example, the complementary colour to Blue is Orange! So warm orangey/copper tones will enhance Blue eyes.
For Green eyes it’s similar, any eyeshadows that are Orangey/copper, reddish browns and purple/violet tones will bring out the Green.
Brown eyes can wear any colour but in particular, Blues make them appear more intense. 
For those of you with the rarer Grey eyes, you have a few choices, you can either enhance the Blue within your Grey or the Green within your Grey. 
OR, you can make the Grey appear lighter by wearing a charcoal eyeshadow and smoking out the lash line with Black! 

Any questions on this just shout!
Shonagh x


If you’re on the hunt for the fully mattifying foundation that doesn’t look and feel cakey or heavy on the skin then this one might just be for you!

It says on the website that this is suitable for sensitive skin. It also says it’s ideal for all skin types but to use the appropriate primer underneath suited to you.
On first appearances, what makes this foundation different is the texture and the formula, it’s much more fluid than a regular matte finish foundation. Even though it has a runnier consistency this doesn’t compromise the coverage, which is a medium to full coverage that minimises the appearance of pores and blemishes. However, I am an oily skin-type by nature and rarely have dry patches, at the moment I have a few due to a new skincare regime and this product enhance and clung to those areas. So I would personally avoid this if you have dry skin. 

This is a silicone based foundation and is formulated without parabens. Natasha has made sure that the formula includes skin-loving botanical extracts that work to optimize hydration and minimise shine for photo-flawless skin.
Many makeup products, much like skincare, now include active ingredients aimed at shielding your skin from environmental damages as well as tackling anti-ageing. This foundation is armed with peptides and powerful antioxidants geared to towards doing just that! 

The packaging is synonymous with the entire ND range, clean and professional looking. The tube has a removable white plastic lid that reveals a small pump-action dispenser. I have found that you really do have to continually pump this on your first go, so be cautious as it catches you off guard and squirts out with projection! A major plus to this packaging is that the tube itself is a squeezy tube, so when you get to the end of your foundation you can remove the dispenser and squeeze out the remnants, unlike many glass bottled foundations where you waste what could be another few days of wear! 

There are a whopping 35 shades available in this range, from Fair to Deep and in a variety of undertones; neutral, warm, yellow and red. 

A little goes a long way and upon trying this I found it goes on best with a buffing brush rather than a sponge. Although it’s quite fluid it doesn’t slip around easily without buffing and it sets quite quickly, once it’s in place it doesn’t move! It doesn’t leave a streaky finish when using a brush so there’s no need to finish off with a sponge to achieve that airbrushed finished.
It stayed put all day long and covered blemished without the need for a concealer.

A quick way to tell which undertone you are is to look at the veins on your wrist, the colour they appear will give a good indication as to which undertone you are: 

  • Blue = warm/pink undertone
  • Green = cool/yellow undertone
  • both Blue & Green = neutral undertone

I received 11 of the 35 shades in my PR package and I have swatched them below for you:


You get a good amount of product, each tube contains 0.94 FI Oz/ 28 mL. 
It’s quite a pricey foundation, it retails at £39.00/$45.00 
Makeup can be very much like buying shoes – you get what you pay for!
There are definitely a few gems on the high street that dupe for expensive brands but they are few and far between, if you find you’re an oily girl that is on the hunt for the holy grail matte foundation then save up your pennies and give this a whirl.


Shonagh xx


The tutorial for this makeup look was highly requested after I uploaded the image on Instagram last month! It’s perfect for the festive season and is great for those of you that suffer with acne as the coverage is full without looking cakey.

All the products used have been listed & linked within the description bar of the video on my channel.


Shonagh 💋