On today’s ep of “ What will I glue to my eyebrows next?” Flowers!

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Valentines day look

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My dad just told me this story and I thought it fit so well here that I had to post it so here it is.

When my dad was growing up, every morning his bus to school would pass this bright purple house with yellow trim. Just super obnoxious paint job overall. It was so noticeable that everyone referred to it as the purple house and it was kind of a running joke. Turns out, when this guy first bought the house he painted it an off-white color and immediately got in trouble with the town board.

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I’m trying new alternative looks and am v proud of this one so I’d like to share 💖🥺

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Celebrated a friends birthday in Philly today. Also experimented on a new eye brow shape

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I think I should do this again

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Pretty beginner at makeup but I thought I’d try something fun

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The History of the Bra; Styles from Every Fashion Era:

Check out how this
sexy staple has changed over the years—and choose which style you like